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Well-written copy can change the way people think and behave.

You're amazing. Perhaps you make prosthetic limbs from ocean plastic or exquisite accessories from mushrooms; maybe you make simple, natural beauty products in your kitchen. 


Whatever you do, you’ve built a business that makes life better and brighter without putting any more pressure on nature.

But, have you ever found that people just don’t seem to understand how important your work is? That investors’ eyes glaze over, and customers whose lives you could change mutter vague comparisons about the latest corporate greenwashing scheme?

No matter how incredible your idea is, you need the right words to sell it.

Words that clarify your complex ideas and generate the excitement you need to make sales. Sales that pay for your materials, put food on the table, and allow you to go on saving the world. 

But if you’re reinventing transport or replanting the rainforest, you don’t have time to think about copy.

That's where I come in. I write clear, elegant copy that engages your audience and helps you make an impact (and a living).

Whether you need your website written from scratch, your notes converted into a persuasive pitch, or a simple document that clarifies and sells your ideas, I can help.

I deliver razor-sharp copy that explains, entertains and sells.  

So you can get on with changing the world.

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