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Give your ideas their best shot

at changing the world.

Your concepts or creations could help to heal the planet. You just need to find the right words to get investors on board, clients engaged, and people interested. 

But, you're trying to grow a sustainable business.

While sticking to your principles.

And paying the rent.

You don't have the bandwidth to think about copy.

The last thing you want to do is hand over your copy to someone who might dumb down your ideas or write something so 'salesy' that you cringe at the thought of sending it out. 


I started my copywriting life crafting elegant copy for luxury brands. I learned that clarity is crucial. Less is almost always more. And that

Good copy can persuade people to act.


So now I've committed to working with eco-friendly and climate solution-focused businesses.


In my not quite linear career, I've written for numerous websites and print magazines like Wallpaper* and Apartamento and enjoyed a successful career as a portrait and documentary photographer.


Though I hung up my work camera a while ago, the attention to detail and insights into human behaviour that I learned by looking at life through a lens still inform my work.  


I tend to become mildly obsessed with every business I work with, falling down a rabbit hole of research. It may make my dinner party conversation a little esoteric, but it means that my copy is engaging, informed and pitched to persuade the right people. 

Write me some good, persuasive copy!

“Retts is an asset to any business… Her copywriting and written skills are second to none… She always completes everything ahead of deadline. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Nicky, Village

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