Hello, I'm Retts.

Is Micro Making the Future?

For Wallpaper* Magazine

I started my copywriting life creating elegant, descriptive work for luxury brands. I learned that less is almost always more, that clarity is key, and that skillfully written copy can change the way people think and behave.

Which is why, after a while, I realised I only wanted to work for eco-friendly businesses.

Along the way, I’ve written for magazines like Wallpaper* and Apartamento and carved out a successful sideline in portrait and documentary photography.

My photographic days are in the past now, pushed aside by my writing career, but they’re an important part of my story - looking at the world through a lens developed my attention to detail, and putting people in front of the camera taught me vast amounts about human behaviour.

I tend to become mildly obsessed with every business I work with, tumbling down a rabbit hole of research and falling in love with their brilliant ideas and solutions. It probably makes my dinner party conversation a little esoteric, but it makes my copy clear, engaging and enticing, and my clients happy.

“Retts is an asset to any business… Her copywriting and written skills are second to none… She always completes everything ahead of deadline. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Nicky, Village